Monday, December 28, 2009

Get Your Stamps for Days 1, 2, and 3 Here

Missing Stamps Found!

I'm happy to report that the missing stamps for the 12 Days of Christmas have been located and fixed - and here are the links that you will need for the first three:

First Day of Christmas Stamp

Second Day of Christmas Stamp

Third Day of Christmas Stamp

Fourth Day of Christmas Stamp

I'll leave these links up until Jan 5th so everyone has a chance to nab them. You can pick up the daily stamps by looking for the same image above in the shop at and clicking on it.

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know this wasn't working correctly! Don't forget, there's a coupon in the stamps for you to use anytime in January!

Friday, December 25, 2009

All the Days of Christmas

Before American commercialization got their hands on the Twelve Days of Christmas, it was a 12-day countdown from Christmas Day to Epiphany, or Three Kings Day. So the first day of Christmas, most remarkably, is Christmas Day!

At NutHouse-Scraps, we're going to honor those roots and have a huge 12 day sale with something different on sale each day - and something new each day for free, too.

I made a digital stamp for your Christmas pages for each of the days of Christmas - there will be one you can get for free each day! You can collect them all for free, as pictured above.

All The Days of Christmas stamps will mix and match with the Christmas Past Mega Collection and Christmas Past Glitter Me This digi-glitter.

The first free stamp will be Dec 25th! Don't miss it! Look for the same image of the 12 Days of Christmas in the shop at, which is pictured above, and click on it for your daily free stamp from the 12 Days of Christmas collection!

Did I already mention ... there might be a nice coupon in the stamps? Thanks to our shop owner for that!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Page from Christmas Past

I want to share with you a terrific Christmas Traditions page which Renee Schlough made with my Christmas Past kit.

Look how she layered the pages on top of each other, and used the extra 'detail' shots from the 'during construction' steps to support the finished gingerbread house and proud smile photo. The photos of hands at work in those small details shots are part of the charm of this simple, endearing, and wonderful page of Christmas Traditions.

Thanks, Renee!

Christmas Past

I've been so busy with Christmas and a new project for a give-a-way (it starts tomorrow, come back then!) that I forgot to post about my Christmas Past Kit.

I had so much fun making this kit - from the glorious damask papers to the glittery candy cane frame, it will make your festive memories from this year or last century a snap for your scrapbook treasure!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Our Christmas with the family starts with the Christmas Eve program that our grandson is in this evening and goes through Saturday evening where it culminates with a celebration with our extended family.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Killer Sale Black Friday to Cyber Monday

No Limits, No Lines
Everything a Scrapper could want!

Every digital scrapbook product at the site where my shop is goes on sale for 50% off from Friday until Monday at Midnight. From every designer, and it includes commercial-use products, all at NutHouse-scraps!

Since it's already Friday ... somewhere ... I'm going to go ahead and leak, er, post the ad:

Plus two freebies, and one is commercial use!

Thankful Mini Kit - just in time for this holiday weekend.
(adorable Niece not included!)

This is a personal use kit from the October "Thankful" Blog Train. I wanted to give the kit one last chance here for everyone to enjoy!

And This awesome Christmas Garland set from my designing friend Manu of ManuScraps. It's commercial use, too. Wow Manu, thank you!

The sale and the freebies all last until the stroke of midnight, November 30th - and then, well, SWOOSH! The spell from your Fairy GodMother of Scrapping ends.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wow, check out this lay out!

Look what Heather did with a Halloween candid and my Wild Things kit! I think it is totally brilliant! She's one of my wonderful and talented Creative Team members.

Here's the larger image of the layout in the gallery.

I totally adore how she used the dark round frame in the back as just another layered element, like a collage.

Leave her some love in a comment and tell her what you liked about it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fa La La La LA.... la la la la!

Once our little grandson (he's 18 months old) started singing Fa La La La La, I decided I was TOTALLY justified in puting the Christmas music on while I was preparing a new digital scrapbooking kit. I've been studying Damask history and it's use in design ... which may show just a litte bit in my work! :)

This is a first peek at an unfinished kit for my little digital scrapbooking shop at I can't tell you the name of the kit yet, but if it makes you feel a little vintage and merry, I won't be surprised!

Glitter, Damasks ... oooh, life is SO good!

Stay tuned for more Digiscrapping with Debbers!

Monday, November 9, 2009

2 Commercial Use For Christmas - 1 is FREE!

One of my pet peeves this time of year are Candy Cane elements in scrapbook kits that have straight lines on them instead of curving and wrapping stripes around them like real candy canes. So I've put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, with a double SWEET Treat this week!

First, a perfectly curving striped candy cane frame that is as easy as can be with my new Photoshop Action. It's OK for commercial use, too.

It's SUCH a fun element! Use one of your own favorite stripes patterns, or use one of the 4 or 5 red and white candy stripes in the free Photoshop .pat file I've included with the action. I've left the layers intact for you at the end of the action so that you can adjust the shading to taste.

It's been tested in PS7, Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, and CS4 - as well as PSE5.

But wait, there's more CURVING candy canes this week, too - a FREE Candy Cane Element Template. Don't settle for a straight-lined candy cane ... use this free template! It's in layers in both PNG files and a PSD file so it will work in any program and let you perfectly coordinate it for matching colors and styles.

It's free and OK for commercial use, too.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making Memories

With an eclectic mix of elements and wide use of neutrals, you're going to find my new Making Memories kit useful for a wide variety of scrapbooking pages. There's 12 textured and expressive backgrounds waiting to become the canvases for your next digital scrapbook pages. Then use any of the 22 elements to complete your showcase of special memories.

Multiple frames, flowers, journal elements, swirls, and an open book complement the rich backgrounds and go easily from traditional to contemporary styles.

Here's the layout I did with Making Memories from my Mom's 8th grade graduation portrait. (Yes, I said 8th grade - I told her she was jailbait!) I entered it in the county fair and it brought home a blue ribbon!!

Making Memories
will be on sale for 35% off until November 9th in my shop at NutHouse-Scraps! It coordinates perfectly with both my Sunset & Memories Kit and has a matching set of Glitter Me This Digi-glitter. Mix and match them all for even more awesome digital scrapbook pages.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wild Things - all new

Wild Things is the name and theme of the new digital scrapbooking kit that I put in the shop today! It will be on sale for 35% off until Monday, November 2nd.

With a nod to the delightful and beloved children's book and new movie from Spike Jonze, the Designers got together and created some WILD Things for you this month! My mini kit is just part of the huge coordinated Mega Collaboration. It's available separately or in the Wild Things Mega Collection.

The sailboat is probably my favorite element, the stacked 5up frames was a last minute addition when I was making a layout and needed them! (Literally, last night!)

Be sure to share your pages with me, I'd love to see how you and your Wild Things look on finished pages.

There is a matching set of digi glitter for Wild things, in the newest addition to my Glitter Me This series. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life and on their layouts!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October THANKFUL Blog Train is Over

100 Designers from all over the world brought us 100 free digital scrapbooking kits with the same color swatches and the same "Thankful" theme. And you had 31 days from October 1st to download them all - for free!

It was an awesome thing to be a part of this blog train ... the free downloads have expired, now. Thanks to all the people who 'built' the train and everyone who followed it! I'll leave my post and photo here for posterity - (edited 8 Nov by deb)

Here's my part, inspired by this wonderful season and theme. I'm giving you some neutrals that will probably go with more than just the Blog Train kits, but you be the judge of that. The little cutie in the sample layout page in the preview is one of my adorable great-nieces. Or are those grand-nieces. Hmmm!

Don't miss the discount coupon in the zip file, friends. Our store owner graciously allowed it for everyone who rides on the Blog Train this month.

I hope you enjoyed this leg of the journey. Thanks for taking the 'scenic route' on the October Thankful Blog Train - see you next time!

May this time of the change of seasons bring a blessing to you and your family,
Big Hugs,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Memories Mini Kit Collaboration

The awesome designers at NutHouse-Scraps have made a huge new collaboration this month with a theme of Sunset and Memories. And it's all done with the beautiful hues of a sunset and Fall Colors.

For my coordinating kit, I concentrated on mostly neutral shades for the pages and tags (can you believe I got tag happy? there's two tags in a mini kit! hah! One of my friends said, "Who are you and what have you done with our Debbers??!" when she saw two tags in one small kit!)

But I went for gold and beautiful florals shades in the embellishments. You'll see a little layout page with the preview, the darling with all the fall color around her is my niece.

This is on sale now for 35% off until Monday night, Oct. 5th - along with the entire collaboration, including a 25 page full-size instant album!

Oh! And don't miss the coordinating glitter! Gosh, everyone needs a little a lot of glitter!

Make some memories ... then save them!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back on 2 Legs Again

I saw the Ortho yesterday, he said the break in my foot didn't look like it required a cast, and so HOORAY! the crutches are history and he put me in a "walking boot".

Which is somewhat of a misnomer, you don't get much walking done. But at least there are no crutches, and I can remove it to sleep and shower.


The boot relieved at least half of my pain, too, so I'm very happy with the outcome on this! I'll be trying to keep off of it, keep it elevated as needed, and generally move slowly so this bone can heal properly and without delay.

I picked the ever-so-stylish color of black (I had a choice of black, black, and black) and it goes up my leg to just under my kneecap. I am the WALKIN' picture of style now! Well, make that the Hobbling picture of ... forward movement. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glitter Me This!

Personal or Commercial Use Digi-Glitter in Herb Garden shades – ready for Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, or other software which can use repeating tile fills. It comes with free Twinkle Brushes in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and PNG files and instructions for each of those programs.


Use it sparingly … glob it on, do what your Glitter Muse inspires you to do, then stand back and watch it twinkle!


Now sparkling at by Debbers.


Extras for Your Herb Garden

This month at, the designers all pulled together a mega collection called Herb Garden. It’s using some rich, luscious greens, reds, and browns that are so complimentary together! I’ve made a 6-pack of backgrounds and a delicate gold-threaded diamond overlay to match the colors. You saw a sneak peek of one of the papers a few weeks ago.


Extras for Your Herb Garden are all deep, textured background papers that will enhance any fall and winter layouts. Don’t forget to drop me a line when you use them, I’d so love to see what you did!


P.S. I even made matching digi-glitter again, but more about that soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Screen Shot

Shhhhsh! I've got nothing else to say about this other than it's coming soon to my shop at NutHouse-Scraps. Here's a quick little nab right out of my Photoshop...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Memories with Grammy

Rachael Hudnell’s new kit, Heirlooms Revisited, is on sale now at her new shop, Rachael’s been a favorite of mine for several years, and I was so jazzed when I learned she would be making this kit utilizing my Persian Dreams I commercial use patterns.

Her kit is everything good in digital scrapbooking! There’s lots of pieces to choose from, they go together no matter which pieces you put down with which other pieces, and it was so easy to use that this page of my kids, grandkids and mom-in-law at the park all but laid itself out!

I just love the rich depth and light feel to the kit. Don’t forget to look in her Freebies section, there’s even a coordinating quick page there from Heirlooms Revisited.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blue Moon QuickPage Sighting

Tonight I found the free quickpage I offerred here on the blog last week from Once In a Blue Moon in the scrapbook gallery for GreatNannaMarg at She used a stunning photograph, well cropped for the exhilarating look in the photograph. It was a great job!

I'm always delighted to see how people take something I've made and make it better. Marg certainly did just that with that incredible photo. Click on her name and go see!

Look for the entire Blue Moon Collection at

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shhhh...Sleeping Baby

Wendy found this photo of our grandson tonight, from his very first outing – he wasn’t even a month old yet. She scrapped it using my new Twice in a Blue Moon Kit, and here’s how adorable he turned out!

She chose some of the more tailored parts of the kit to create an ornament-like hanging frame for this precious little photo, and then glittered the title with the matching glitter pack.

I know I might be a wee bit prejudiced, but I think it’s wonderful. Who can resist a sleeping newborn?

Twice In A Blue Moon

It's a rare event that happens Once in a Blue Moon, but even more rare are 2 blue moons in the same month. Drawing inspiration from the dramatic colors of the Midsummer Night's Dream Collection, these luscious aquamarines, peacock blues, greens and mauve tumbled down to earth in a series of falling stars, coming to rest in the moon lit meadow of an enchanted forest.

Twice in a Blue Moon is my sequel add-on to Once in a Blue Moon digital scrapbooking kit. There’s over 30 pieces in the kit. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

9 Free Fonts for Design

This is certainly an awesome resource, even if they're not new! There's 9 free fonts left in this original list of 10 Free Fonts for Icon Design post at They're all high quality, high character, and high drama potential candidates that can help you design logos, titles, and anything that calls for killer typeface.

Oh yeah, and remember, I said they were FREE, too!

10 er, 9, Free Fonts for Logo Design

Go score them before another one becomes ... not free, and don't forget to give them some props so that these font designers will continue to make commercial quality typefaces available for free.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Once In A Blue Moon & Free Coordinating Quick Page

"Once Upon A Midsummer Night's Dream, as the moon was rising, full and glorious in the east, there came a moment of shining memory, glinting silvery blue in the moonbeams of a secluded meadow deep in the Enchanted Forest..."

And so begins the tale you will tell with this charming digital scrapbook instant page. It's part of the Midsummer Night's Dream collection that went into the store for sale today at NutHouse-Scraps. I loved creating it!

The free instant quick page pictured above will be absolutely free until August 10th. Click on the photo above for the download page for it.

As usual, introductory pricing with a 35% discount is in place until Monday at midnight for my new kit, Once In a Blue Moon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nap Time - and a Quick Photoshop How To

I took a few moments this afternoon to scrap a photo that my daughter took of her three boys all asleep on the couch. It's so adorable, and I wanted to get it on a page.

What's cuter than a sleeping baby? A sleeping dad and kitty with the sleeping baby!

I used the wonderful "Butterfly Wishes" kit by my friend Stacey at Scrapper's Alley. I used one of my favorite tricks for making a scrapbook page for guys - I hid the bow under the photo and only let the ribbon tails stick out. Sorry about that Stacey, it IS a beautiful digi-bow, though!

Astute readers will notice that there is NOT a golden background in the Butterfly Wishes digital scrapbooking kit (pictured on the right). Here's all I did to make it gold, which made the page pop!

I used Photoshop, but you can use any graphics program with layer blend modes (such as Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, for instance).

1. I brought in the grungy brown paper background
2. I put the green background paper over it
3. I changed the green background paper blend mode to color dodge mode
4. I adjusted the opacity of the green paper layer down a bit to get a soft gold.

When you use blend modes like this, lots of time you can retain all of the details on your papers, but get a wonderful tone shift. That's exactly what I wanted, because I loved the grunge and texture on the brown paper. If I'd done a color shift on it, it wouldn't have ended up with the various shades and vibrancy which the blend modes gave me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Persian Dreams Used by Rachael Hudnall

I'm SO excited! Yesterday I learned that designer Rachael Hudnall is using my Persian Dreams I Patterns in her new kit! It will be featured at Digital Arts Cafe starting August 1st. I'm sworn to secrecy, so there's no peeks, and I can't even tell you what the name of it will be. It's killing me, but I'm not going to.

I will say that I've been a fan of Rachael's designs since she joined SNL a few years ago. Her creations are always artistic and have a wide appeal because of a timeless beauty in them. Rachael just gets better and better every time I see her kits. That's one of her sets in the small thumbnail above. See how wonderful she is? See why I'm so excited she is using some of those scrumptious Persian Dreams patterns?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Persian Dreams Patterns for Commercial Use

12 high quality grayscale repeating pattern tiles for commercial use bring exotic and intricate designs reminiscent of desert nights to your digital scrapbook designing fingertips in this set of exquisite patterns. You'll be able to set the rich backdrop to the very era of the tales of the Arabian Nights with patterns like these.

Additionally, there are 12 full size, 300dpi 12x12 inch filled grayscale pages using these same pattern tiles in various scales and fill angles in this set for quick projects and inspiration. Use as overlays in blend layers or as masks.

A generous commercial-use license is included - you can review it before you buy it right from the shop; look for the link at the bottom of the description of Persian Dreams I. I've included the Photoshop .pat file, a Paint Shop Pro pattern folder, and the individual png files for the pattern tiles along with the 12 300dpi full size papers filled with artful angles and scaling of these patterns in grayscale. Grab one and just start creating with it!

Don't miss the 100% tile view at the shop preview, too - you can see how flexible these patterns will be. Color them, overlay them, use them in masks, then distress them, grunge them up, or totally destroy them, it's your call. These classic lines will make you look good every time. It'll be our little secret!

They are all on sale until Monday at Midnight (Eastern time) at

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jurassic Jungle Sightings

Wilma, over at her blog, Wilma4ever, just put up two adorable pages that she scrapped with my Jurassic Jungle kits.

I just LOVED the shot of the egg! Wilma, you did GREAT! Go enjoy her digital scrapbooked trip back through time and see both the pictures in greater detail:

Jurassic Jungle is for sale now for only $1.50 at

Friday, June 19, 2009

Battle Royale 2009

It’s happening now at:

The first round’s results are in after 32 graphic designers with MAD skills, er, skillz, tossed each other around like rag dolls in this annual head-to-head elimination tournament.’s Steel Cage battles are one of my favorite spectator sports – but once a year, they put their money where their mouth is, and there’s a huge prize for the taking. The banter, kudos, and WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? comments in the forum adds to the fun when I have time to follow along.

Look for exquisitely extracted hair, perfectly re-created lighting from a hodge podge of images (and original lighting angles!), and ingenious graphic storylines in the various ‘blows’ as they call them. Last year’s title winner, nbodine, was side-lined this year, but the crowd still has their favs.

The results from the qualifying submissions (117 of them) left 32 designers on the starting lineup. The first round eliminated half of these. As of today, there are 16 competitors left. They have only a couple days to graphically respond to each other in two creations, and then it will be back to the judges.

Who will be left for the 8 spots in the quarter finals?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Secret Beach: Just the Papers

Beachy, breezy, backgrounds were the starting point for my new kit, My
Secret Beach. I wanted to show you the detail in them without all the
elements on top!

The beach scene you can use to highlight some fun and favorite moments - try using it in one of those new trendy fantasy style layouts. White-washed siding, sand, and beautifully plumed pampas grass are three of the other iconic backdrops to anything to do with an oceanscape in my head, so that's what inspired those three papers. You'll find two other related backgrounds - a beautiful landscape gradient which goes from the brilliant cereulean of the sky through soft, hazy yellowing down to a hint of brown sand. One of them with a soft rose in the lower corner - the other matches, but without the rose. Because sometimes you feel like a rose - sometimes you don't!

The My Secret Beach kit that these papers are from will be available July 1st at NutHouse-Scraps! Look for it then

I can't wait to see what you make with it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Secret Beach

This is a little mini kit with a beach theme – and it won’t be for sale until July 1st.  But here’s your sneak preview.


It’s done in shades of colors which are evocative of a shoreline and will mix and match with over a dozen other digital scrapbook Beach Kits and quick page sets once July 1st comes at


For My Secret Beach, I’ve made 2 oxidized frames, 1 rope frame, 1 long length of rope, 6 beautiful textured background papers, a pearl, a brad, a sand dollar, and a sand dollar on the ground, some gulls in flight, and a flowing rope net.


Now I’m going to go play with some photos and scrap some pages with My Secret Beach. I’ll share some of those soon!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jurassic Jungle x2

Hooray! Jurassic Jungle is now available at and will be 35% off until Monday. There's two kits that mix'n'match with all the paleo-goods you're going to need for your favorite explorer's scrapbook album!

I had a blast making all the things for this pair of mini-kits. It could have been a big one all by itself! Check out the grandsons, and these crazy with color background papers that will make every photo look like a star.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

OhMyGosh Cute!

Our two grandsons pose in a Primordial Jungle … Watch out boys! You’re on the dinosaur trail!


I’ve been playing with my new Jurassic Jungle kit – here’s the first result. Ohmygosh, aren’t they adorable!?


Jurassic Jungle

Here's a sneak preview of an incredibly fun scrapbooking kit I'm finishing up. I've called it Jurassic Jungle and it goes on sale at on June 1st.

You may recognize one of the background papers as resembling the Fun With Color post from last week. I had LOADS of fun with LOADS of colors, as you can see. These finished backgrounds are probably more landscapish than traditional scrapbooking. But I just had to do it! I had this HUGE T-Rex of a muse breathing over my shoulder! One of them, on the far right IS a primordial jungle with some fern-age in the foreground.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summertime Screens

The messages are highlighting some Back To Basics - hence the Cross.

When I first started working on this, I thought I was just too early to really show any golds and oranges, I mean, June heat hadn't even got here yet. Well, it's the middle of May, and this Sunday they're forecasting a 101 degree high. So I guess I was just a little bit ahead of the heat when these premiered on the screens a couple Sundays ago at church.

There's a lot going on, but most of it is subtle. I liked it, most importantly, Pastor Keith liked it. I hope you enjoy it! This is one of about 10 various ones for different parts of the Sunday Service.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun with Color

I’m sure this is going somewhere … I just don’t know where yet. But I’m going to follow it all the way down that road until I get to the end of it! I’m going to call it Landscaped for now.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Program Cover

Pastor Keith will be speaking about what it means to belong to SouthPoint
Church at the next few Sunday meetings. This is the proof that's just been
approved for the new, updated image for the "Loving God, Loving People"

Our stationery and logo are a ruddy red - the roof on our sanctuary is the
same red, so I started with that red color and had this image to show for it
an hour later.

There are still some little touchups to it to get all the lines to match up,
but that won't take any time at all.

I could explain layer by layer what I thought the meaning was ... But that
would spoil it for you. Art is what you take from it, not what I put in it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunrise Over Paradise

There’s two new kits from a common theme and color palette coming up May 1st at


The image pictured with this posting is the theme background for the kits, called Sunrise Over Paradise and Morning In Paradise. You’ve seen a couple layouts from the kits last week in sneak previews.


I know it’s just a background, but this is one of my favorites. The texture is heavy, the colors diverse, and it practically glows. I’m very pleased with how this turned out, and hope you enjoy it, too! I plan to tarry on this technique for a while and play with it.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Portrait

Here is a photo of my husband’s family at the 2004 Luau in April in our back yard. I think this was the last photo of all of them together, his Mom, sister, and brother. Everyone was here for a wedding in the family. It was a FAB time.


I’ve made the page from my new Morning in Paradise kit, which will be available May 1st at



Fun in Paradise

Here’s the first of several pages I’m working on from a set of two new kits, Morning in Paradise and Sunrise in Paradise.


This is a photo from a couple years ago from our grandson’s 1st birthday party – which was a Luau! The festive colors and atmosphere seemed perfect for the colors of Morning Sunrise.


The background here is actually a blend of two – the top part is one, the bottom part is the other. It’s done simply with a gradient mask, nothing else. I loved the whole leafy peek at a lagoon feeling to it.


The kit will be available May first at


I’ll get some more sneak peeks out here soon!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Alive! It's Alive!

After several very anxious weeks, one of the hard drives which was dead has a new lease on life.

Thanks to Todd Ellison at, who suggested to my husband that the data was probably fine, it 'just' needed a new hard drive controller. Then they had a 25 minute guy talk about the technical aspects of that.

A matching hard drive came today, after finding a sister twin on eBay. In less than an hour, my husband had it tested and cannibalized for the broken controller board on mine. And all put together. Then the moment of truth, when he turned my computer back on.

And the hard drive did not mount. Or whatever it is that you call it on a PC. My computer saw it at the BIOS level, and it was there as a device ... but not one with a drive letter.

Well, we both started looking for an answer. The internet has all the answers, you know!

I found what we needed to do ... (yes, me!) and turned the device from a foreign drive to a happy local one and LO AND BEHOLD!

ALL my files are there.

I cried, it was such a relief.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Business Card Redeaux

Lynda (aka Mother Goose here in the Central Valley) asked me for a business card last week that she could give to someone who asked who had done her latest flyer.

OK, I didn't have a recent business card. Whoops!

So today I sat down and made it. My honey branded it somewhat on the girlie side - but hey, I AM a girl. I know better than to do a card like this for someone doing oh, let's say IT Consulting.

What do you think?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Background of the Day

I've no clue what this is going to go with, or what it's for, but I had a blast making it!

It's a 300dpi Scrapbook paper, heavily textured and overlayed with an embossed floral pattern.

It's OH SO SPRINGY, don't you think?