Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back on 2 Legs Again

I saw the Ortho yesterday, he said the break in my foot didn't look like it required a cast, and so HOORAY! the crutches are history and he put me in a "walking boot".

Which is somewhat of a misnomer, you don't get much walking done. But at least there are no crutches, and I can remove it to sleep and shower.


The boot relieved at least half of my pain, too, so I'm very happy with the outcome on this! I'll be trying to keep off of it, keep it elevated as needed, and generally move slowly so this bone can heal properly and without delay.

I picked the ever-so-stylish color of black (I had a choice of black, black, and black) and it goes up my leg to just under my kneecap. I am the WALKIN' picture of style now! Well, make that the Hobbling picture of ... forward movement. :)

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