Monday, June 9, 2008

The Forgotten Garden

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little garden. But one day, no one showed up to care for it. Nor the next day, nor the next.


It was abandoned, yet blooming. It was forgotten, but never lost. Its barely visible paths were poignant, melancholy, shabby, and now it waits for your care, your bring it back to life...


(These are some of my favorite parts of my SNL contributions for June.)



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Cover - Work in Progress

Here's part two of the Summer Flower Cover I have been working at. I’ve just submitted this as a draft idea for the summer cover design for the Sunday Programs at church. Stunning Lily from a stock photo by Claudia Meyer, then painted over. (I just can't leave perfection alone, I always have to mess it up....) Pretty fantasy brushes from Graphic Identity.