Saturday, March 21, 2009

Business Card Redeaux

Lynda (aka Mother Goose here in the Central Valley) asked me for a business card last week that she could give to someone who asked who had done her latest flyer.

OK, I didn't have a recent business card. Whoops!

So today I sat down and made it. My honey branded it somewhat on the girlie side - but hey, I AM a girl. I know better than to do a card like this for someone doing oh, let's say IT Consulting.

What do you think?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Background of the Day

I've no clue what this is going to go with, or what it's for, but I had a blast making it!

It's a 300dpi Scrapbook paper, heavily textured and overlayed with an embossed floral pattern.

It's OH SO SPRINGY, don't you think?

Friday, March 13, 2009

OOOh! The Pattern of the Day

I’m playing around with patterns (yes AGAIN) – and I think this one is just adorable! This is just the basic black and white one, I haven’t actually played with it for anything else.


I know I’m so hopeless about patterns. But I really like making them – and breaking them. But that will be for another day.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Postcard Mailing

We’re finishing up the last of the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Forum mailing this week with a quick reminder card. I used the same colors, background ‘mesh/netting’, logo and photo used in other various pieces for this event and pulled this post card together.


I love last minute things when all the rest of the design work was already done! They’re a SNAP!


Computer went belly up

Well, Perry should be able to find out today with some new tool he has whether or not he can save any of the data on my hard drives. My sister loaned me an extra computer, so I have something up and running at home, but with only 1G ram on it, Photoshop gets painful really fast in layered print-resolution images.

He was able to test the video card and ram today, and they both look good. The ram and CPU were pretty much tied to this motherboard. If any of the three have to be replaced, he thinks it will be easier to just replace them all.

And of course, one of Uncle Bill's boys up in Redmond told him that we'd have to buy a new OS - there would be no way to use our perfectly good one on a new motherboard. Hmmmph!

Suppose if I called and cried on the phone, they'd let me?! I *like* my nice XP Pro! It isn't like I fried the motherboard on purpose.