Friday, July 23, 2010

Official Digi-scrapping Blog is now OPEN

And you'll find it at:

I just need to have  a single identity for it  :)

I'm Never Tired of Patterned Prints

I love working with prints until I have a pattern that's just perfect. And I never seem to get tired of it! With the encouragement of some dear friends, I've been making some of these labors of love available as commercial use digital scrapbooking designs in my little shop at NutHouse-Scraps.

I called this new set of patterned overlays Blossom Prints because they are all based on floral designs. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

They're a black design on a transparent ground for maximum usability. But write me if you have any questions about using them as a designer resource.

Rachael Hudnall used them in her new gorgeous Sweet Summer collection, including a wonderful free quickpage:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swirling Prints for Commercial Use

It's the Summer of Prints for me - and I do love making them! Many thanks to my designing friend, Manu, I made some pretty swirling prints this week and got them into the shop in time for Sunday's sale at the NutHouse!

There are six deliciously swirling prints in full-size scrapbooking pages, ready to be used or abused as overlays, underlays, or other creative way. But I've also included the 6 hand-built seamless pattern tiles with transparent backgrounds which I used to create these overlays so that you can really customize them.

Color them, distress them, erase parts of them ... add stuff to them, texture them, use them over your own textured papers to match perfectly - the sky is the limit when you have the tiles to build your own patterns!

It's the way I wish all printed papers came, so I'm trying to do my best at doing what I preach!

Take advantage of my DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT Offer - PM or email me when you use one of my CU items in your products for sale. Then I'll feature it on my blog and add it to the most recent previews right in the shop for this set.

Here's some quick papers I made from these same prints: