Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sustaining Pastoral Excellence - New Web Site

Now showing for it’s dress rehearsal in the next 24 hours, it’s a special web site for a community event we’re hosting at church.  Pastor Jack Hayford is coming to Fresno on March 31st to speak to the pastors and leaders in the Central Valley for the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Forum.


So I threw together a special event web site, based on WordPress. I want to give some heavy props to David Fleming of Edge Technology Consulting ( http://www.avdude.com ) for a WordPress Plugin that made taking registrations and selling tickets for this huge event a SNAP!


It’s called, no surprise, Event Registration Plugin. The installation was a snap. Using it was intuitive. I didn’t run out of the room screaming, and I didn’t have to keep referring back to 21 pages of instructions. The PayPal integration just flat out worked.


All I can say is if you need a quick website for an event, the combination of WordPress and the Event Registration Plugin will get you up and going in one evening.


The picture above is what the web site design looks like, it is based on the old standby, Fluid Blue, WordPress theme. It’ll be live on Wednesday, and is just in time; there’s a 750 piece mailing to churches in the area with information about the Forum – tomorrow!


I’m all about clean and neat, and have Perry to thank for finding this theme for me!  SMOOOCH honey!

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