Monday, February 2, 2009

New Gig Designing

TJ Muse over at invited me to come over to the shop she's re-organizing and sell some of my scrapping designs there.

She didn't expect me to quit my day job to keep up with a little bit of digi-creations, and so I took her up on it.

So, I've got three kits in the store now! I'm especially fond of the little mini kit made with the same colors that the other designers use, so there's a whole slew of mix-n-match kits you can pick from.

The colors were soft pinks, peaches and a pretty green, and it practically made itself! It was really a great deal of fun. DI even did a page of my GRAND SON with it, just to prove that these lovely soft colors were not the sole domain of girlishness!


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