Monday, February 2, 2009

Glistening Evening Debut

Blog-watchers will recognize some of the pieces of the newest Digital Scrapbooking kit I just finished - I took the mini kit I had worked on in November, re-worked it into a full blown 300 dpi monster kit, and called it Glistening Evening.

With help and inspiration from some of my favorite scrappers and designers, I finally finished it!

The video montage below of Glistening Evening views come to you via my favorite new video toy, Animoto. If you like Animoto half as much as I did, use this coupon code when you register, and save $5: gnpbauvl - it was so easy, and if you've ever messed with even a basic slideshow, you know how long that can take. And it still doesn't look as cool and professional as Animoto makes it.

Thank you Samara, Linda, Vicki, and Roberta!

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