Sunday, May 23, 2010

More ColourWashed Sets for Designers

I've taken my ColourWashed series a step further with new sets of scenery under-paintings. These are soft suggestions of colors that are ready to take to the next step by Scrapbook Designers. Add textures, edges, details, or designs to these wispy fantasy paper starters for show-stopping results in your next project.

Artists use under-painting techniques as some of the base layers of paintings - they add depth, allow for flow between elements, and provide a wash of color as a base. I think you'll have a great deal of fun with these!

There's 2 different versions, because my designing friends said sometimes they would use the plain, smooth, untextured version and sometimes the one with brush stroke textures. I couldn't find a consensus at all!

Here's a sample one to download for free at

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Mary said...

Thanks for sharing! These are gorgeous!