Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Computer went belly up

Well, Perry should be able to find out today with some new tool he has whether or not he can save any of the data on my hard drives. My sister loaned me an extra computer, so I have something up and running at home, but with only 1G ram on it, Photoshop gets painful really fast in layered print-resolution images.

He was able to test the video card and ram today, and they both look good. The ram and CPU were pretty much tied to this motherboard. If any of the three have to be replaced, he thinks it will be easier to just replace them all.

And of course, one of Uncle Bill's boys up in Redmond told him that we'd have to buy a new OS - there would be no way to use our perfectly good one on a new motherboard. Hmmmph!

Suppose if I called and cried on the phone, they'd let me?! I *like* my nice XP Pro! It isn't like I fried the motherboard on purpose.


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