Saturday, November 8, 2008

Remember When ... ?

"Remember When?" is what I decided to call this kit after the History Muse bit me and I started to work on some scrapbook elements and backgrounds to go with old antique family photos in SNL's colors this month.

I spent many hours in September and October, pouring over boxes of old photos from my Mom’s garage. Some were hers, some were my grandmother’s, some were my great-grandmother’s, and some belonged to my great-Uncle.

They were a good deal of the inspiration for this kit, and the additional set of backgrounds that coordinate with it.

Of interest: the font for the title and date is called American Scribe from Three Islands Press it seemed like an appropriate one for this project. It’s a font that is based on the handwriting of Timothy Matlack, the clerk who penned the Declaration of Independence.

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